Bizarre News Archive

The Biggest Furry Convention… Ever!: Participants of the ‘Eurofurence Convention’ dress in animal costumes in the zoo
China Illegal Rooftop Villas Demolished: A view of villas built on the roof of a furniture shopping
Squirrel books a Holiday!: This cheeky little fellow fancied a quick get away as he enters
Miami Prison Break!: An inmate at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center bolts from his
Camping with Jesus!: A French camping van drives on autobahn A81 near Engen, Germany, 14
Orlando Building Collapses in Sinkhole: Buildings collapse into a sinkhole at the Summer Bay Resort on U.S.
Cute Miniature Pigs Born: Miniature pigs pictured in their enclosure at Hanover Zoo in Hanover, Germany,
Amazing Photos of Paris rebuilt in China: A view of the 108-meter-tall 1:3-scale replica of Eiffel Tower built by a
Pampers Unveils Giant Baby Blanket: To celebrate the birth of the new royal baby, Prince Groege of
National Underwear Day!: People take part in an event pormoting the largest gathering of underwear