Animals Archive

The Biggest Furry Convention… Ever!: Participants of the ‘Eurofurence Convention’ dress in animal costumes in the zoo
Squirrel books a Holiday!: This cheeky little fellow fancied a quick get away as he enters
Cute Miniature Pigs Born: Miniature pigs pictured in their enclosure at Hanover Zoo in Hanover, Germany,
Happy Koala loving the Sunshine!: An extremely happy Koala hangs on a tree while enjoying the sunshine
Annual frog jumping competition: Bullfrogs compete during the annual frog jump competition at the State Capitol
This one takes the Biscuit… A lot…: Meet ‘Biscuit’ the somewhat rotund feline! In these images made from video provided
Best Friends for Life at Shanghai Zoo: In a zoo in Shanghai the Zoo Keepers seem to be on
You have ‘herd’ of Horse Power, now try Cow Power!: A cow drags a red BMW on February 19, 2013 in Qingdao,
London Zoo Weigh in: The Annual weigh-in at ZSL London Zoo. Responsible for more than 16,000
Dinosaur Balloon Artist: Balloon artist Jan Franke works on a three meter high Tyrannosaurus Rex