Fashion Disasters Archive

Chloe Grace Moretz goes all Beetlejuice: Chloe Grace Moretz turned up to the Kick-Ass 2 photocall at Claridges
Kim Kardashian in a TERRIBLE dress: Kim wore her worst dress yet at the PUNK: Chaos to Couture
Weird Clothes at China Fashion Week: Various strange designs are showcased on the catwalk during the MGPIN collection
Kim Kardashian in another pregnancy fashion disaster: Kim should really sack her stylist! Who let her wear such an
Rebecca Ferdinando’s Worst Most Revealling Moments: Rebecca Ferdinando should really contact her stylist! Take a look at her
Mischa Barton Black Bra on Show: Mischa Barton reveals her black bra whilsat wearing a see through transparent
Renee Olstead Wears a Daringly Tight Dress: Renee Olstead wore a very tight dress as she turned up for
Dolly Parton Fashion Disaster !: Dolly Parton should probably throw away the tight leggings look after she
Lady Gaga arrives in Japan: American pop singer Lady Gaga arrives at Narita airport, near Tokyo, on
Janice Dickinson’s Tight Tight Pants: Wardrobe malfunction! Ex topmodel Janice Dickinson sports a camel toe while leaving