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Zombie Walk: Participants dressed as zombies at World Zombie Day, London fund-raising charity walk
Worlds Most Beautiful McDonalds: One of the most picturesque McDonalds restaurants in the world. Yangshuo, China
Largest Flower in the World: A titan arum or ‘corpse flower’ blossoms at the botanic gardens in
Dinosaur Balloon Artist: Balloon artist Jan Franke works on a three meter high Tyrannosaurus Rex
Barack Obama Lookalike: Barack Obama lookalike leaves  ”Late Show with David Letterman” on 19th March
An Inventive Road Sweeper: A cleaner works with a self-made road sweeper on March 14, 2012
Mind Controlling Monkey: Ever wondered what would happen if a monkey could control a robotic
Frozen Franco: Spanish plastic artist Eugenio Merino’s work ‘Frozen Franco’ or ‘Always’, at the
Funeral by Vultures: The sky burials, which have been forbidden by the communist regime for
The Amazing Tiger Dog: A tiger like golden retriever wearing a pair of glasses walks at