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Bizarre China Sauna Competition: Timo Kaukonen of Finland stands in a sealed glass box during a
Chancellor Angela Merkel Kitesurfing: Ninefold kitesurf world champion Kristin Boese of Germany drives with a mask
Best Friends for Life at Shanghai Zoo: In a zoo in Shanghai the Zoo Keepers seem to be on
Robotic dragon burns Christmas trees: The robotic dragon from the medieval spectacle “The Dragon’s Sting” burns Christmas
Woman takes train for joyride: A Swedish cleaner stole a train and took it for a joyride
No Trousers day from London to Mexico:
PSY snowman: A six-meter-tall snow sculpture of Korean rapper PSY in Harbin in northeast
Banana car: Steve Braithwaite drives his 23-foot banana-shaped vehicle through downtown Raleigh, North Carolina,
72yr old Liu Qianping models for grand daughter: Lyu Ting’s 72-year-old grandfather Liu Qianping poses for modelling photos of her
Lego Advent Calendar: Duncan Titchmarsh, the UK’s only certified LEGO technician, puts the last of